The former owner of Hockey-Tuonti Finland, Juha Aalto, set up Teräpiste in the autumn of 2012. Juha recruits firsthand Tide Lehtonen as shop manager. In the summer of 2017 Tide Lehtonen became a new owner of Teräpiste when he bought it from Juha.

Tide Lehtonen is familiar with many hockey players in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Tide worked 27 years for coaching in many junior clubs in the Helsinki metropolitan area, both as a coach and as a chief of coaching. Tide became acquainted with the sharpening in the early 2000s. Very quickly he noticed that no one in Finland had ever been so interested in sharpening that he would have really made it clear. Why do what and how it affects skating. Tide made it clear and started sharing information with customers. At the same time, he obviously knew how to help customers find the right profile and sharpening. The reputation spread very quickly and Tide got the nickname “Professor of Sharpening Science”.

The same curiosity as it once did in sharpening and profiling skates led to the fact that Teräpiste was the first company in Finland capable of repairing the broken carbon fiber hockey sticks. Teräpiste is distributor of SRS stick repair system and now stick repairs are possible in many locations around Finland.

On march 2019 Teräpiste started as European distributor for Bladetech blades.

Tide and his brother Tepa are mainly responsible for sharpening, profiling, stick repairing and equipment repairing. Also included are Indrek (equipment manager of the Estonian national team).
After 3 seasons in Colorado we finally got Natu back to our staff.

SRS and Bladetech wholesales and teamsales contact Tide Lehtonen

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