Rental of high-quality Bladetech blades on the rise at Teräpiste

Oliver Arestola is found on the ice almost every day. He has noticed an improvement in his skating speed after receiving Bladetech blades.

Junior hockey player’s parent: “Convenient – and Dad’s wallet appreciates it”

“This is an easy and inexpensive way to get top blades for a boy’s hockey skates,” evaluates Pasi Arestola Teräpiste’s Bladetech skate rental and sharpening package. “Junior’s foot is growing so that new skates have to be acquired every year. The wallet is thankful when now we only need to get a skate of the right size and we get the top blades by leasing them. ”
Oliver Arestola, 10, Reds Helsinki, enjoys the last minutes of training on ice. We are at Malmi Ice Rink in Helsinki.
Last year, Oliver was still training on skates that did not have changeable runners, but now he is wearing skates whose runners have been leased from the Teräpiste operating in the ice rink.
“I think that I’m faster with these blades. They are also handy. I can use some blades on the outdoors rink and other blades in the icehall. If there were still goalkeeper blades, I would take them too, ”says Oliver, who sometimes plays as a forward and sometimes as a goalie.
“It’s pretty cheap, too. All you have to do is buy one skates and then just rent the blades for different uses. ”
Dad Pasi Arestola nods next to him: “Father’s wallet thanks.”
Last season, Oliver had indoor skates and outdoor skates separately.
“The boy has now praised afterwards that it is much more comfortable to be able to skate outdoors and indoors on the same skates when the blades can be changed.”

Oliver has been playing hockey since he was 7 years old. Father Pasi Arestola is the equipment manager of the boy’s team.

The hockey dad acts as the equipment manager of his son’s team. He praises the technical quality of the Canadian blade and the power and speed it brings to skating. These properties have been proven in independent tests.
“However, that’s not the most important thing for juniors this age. The hardness of the blade and possibility of changing the blades to new skates are important for young junior players . ”
The juniors foot may grow so fast that new skates have to be bought even in the middle of the season. Renting Bladetech blades is then a convenient solution.
The idea to rent the blades came from Tide Lehtonen, the owner of Teräpiste. He has lived his age in the hockey world, played and coached. He has seen the importance of good equipment.
“I wanted these top blades to be available to everyone, regardless of wallet thickness. That’s why I developed this new service. ”
Bladeflex members recieve Bladetech Flex-Force -top blades and 2-4 sharpenings per month for a low monthly fee. The leasing price for blades alone is 15 euros per month.
Membership in the Bladeflex service is valid for the time being, agreed for one month at a time. “If you’re interested, you can try it for just a month,” says Tide Lehtonen.
There is no service fee in June-July. It is only paid during the training period.

Blades can be leased at the Teräpiste located in the Malmi Ice Rink, and the Bladeflex service package also includes sharpenings.

“With our sharpening quantities, we get the blades virtually free”
According to Pasi Arestola, membership with monthly fees is a good idea.
If, for example, the current blades does not fit into the new skate, the Bladeflex membership allows the blades to be replaced to fit.
“It’s not hard to go buy new skates when a boy says the skate squeezes and tightens a bit. Let’s just get some new skates. They don’t cost that much. In contrast, good blades do cost more than 100 euros. It’s good to be able to rent them. ”
Oliver’s Bladetech blades alone would cost 115 euros. For example, if you take a monthly package from Bladeflex that costs 39 euros, it includes one pair of blades and four sharpenings per month. Oliver is on the ice 6-7 times a week, and it is good to sharpen the skates after 5-6 times.
“With our sharpening quantities – that is, once a week – we get the blades virtually free,” says Pasi Arestola.
“If I went to sharpen normally, it would cost 9.50 euros at a time. One euro difference, and there would be no such blades. ”
Arestola has found that Bladetech blades made from the highest quality stainless steel do not need to be sharpened as often as regular ones.
“Original blades have to be sharpened twice as often. Bladetech blades are durable, and that’s a big plus. Especially when these guys don’t remember to use skateguards. ”
Arestola appreciates Tide Lehtonen’s expertise in Teräpiste.
“Tide’s service is top notch. The guy has been spinning around hockey all his life and watching this hustle and bustle from every angle. With this knowledge of what I find in blades, the grade for Bladetech blades is a clear 10. I have not encountered any better ones. ”

Bladetech blades are suitable for all Bauer, CCM and Graf skates with changeable blades. Of the Finns, Kristian Näkyvä and Jonne Virtanen plays at Bladetech.