Did your hockey stick break? Teräpiste repairs and recycles hockey sticks

Teräpiste owner Tide Lehtonen’s heart beats for hockey. – By repairing hockey sticks, I can help sports enthusiasts and do something good for hockey.

Broken hockey sticks shafts and blades will be repaired to full play at Teräpiste in Helsinki’s Malmi Ice Rink. The properties of the hockey stick remain the same in the repair, and I give a guarantee for my work. Repairing a hockey stick is also an eco-act. It is not smart that goods made of carbon fiber are disposable, says Tide Lehtonen, the owner of Teräpiste.

Terrible waste! This is what Tide Lehtonen, the grand old man of the hockey equipment world, thought after finding – once again – a broken quality hockey stick in the trash bin.
Isn’t it possible to fix a hockey stick? Does it make any sense that when a stick worth € 250-300 crashes in the heat of a game, it is no longer usable?The idea didn’t leave a skilled hockey equipment repairman and skate sharpener alone. Hockey is said to be an expensive sport. I thought that by repairing the sticks I could help the enthusiasts and do something good in front of the sport, says Lehtonen.
The entrepreneur, who had also worked as a hockey coach for a long time, wanted those who bought expensive quality sticks no longer had to worry about the life of the stick. And of course, repairing is always a cheaper solution than buying a new stick.
Repair is also an environmental act. Recycling. The sticks are made of carbon fiber. That material doesn’t land very quickly in landfills. So I’ve been waiting for when the hockey sticks will have a recycling fee.

Warranty for repaired stick
Tide began to figure out how to repair the sticks with high quality. So that the characteristics of the sticks would not change, but the repaired racket would be as good as the new one.
The man turned his gaze to Canada, the hockey mecca. The web and emails went hot.
Among the three players, Tide chose an American epoxy company that had just developed its own elastic and tough epoxy plastic to repair hockey sticks. The repair is done inside the shaft. The grip surface of the stick remains intact, and on the outside you don’t even notice that the stick has been repaired. Only a small connecting line remains visible.
Tide took the A-junior team as a test team. The shaft repair worked right away. To repair the blade, he developed the so-called double repair. Now the sticks have been repaired and recycled at Teräpiste since the 2017–2018 season.
-When people first asked if the repaired stick would last, I gave them a guarantee. It is as long as the new rackets, i.e. a month.
No broken repairs have been brought to Tide.
-I could almost give a lifetime guarantee, but let’s be like this now. Of course, the warranty only applies to the repair point, not the entire racket.
Repairing the shaft costs 45 euros and the blade 60–70 euros. Repairing the lade is a much more laborious job, but carbon fiber costs the most in sticks and repairing. It is an expensive material. Tide is a pioneer in its work at these latitudes. He also became a Scandinavian distributor of SRS epoxy. -As far as I know, no one in Sweden fixes hockey sticks. For once, the Finns are ahead, Tide growls.
He hopes that club repair and recycling will expand throughout Finland. Currently, SRS epoxy is used to repair stick shafts at Kiekkocafe in Lahti, and at XXL stores in Tammisto Vantaa, Tampere and Oulu. In Vaasa, shaft and blade repairs are done by Wasa Skate Corner. There are not so many big hockey cities on the list where the stick could be repaired. Stick repair is good customer service and a retraction product for the merchant.

Teräpiste sells repaired hockey sticks. You can get a repaired quality stick in a few dozen.