Teräbox is a new service from the Teräpiste, which operates outside the opening hours. Watch the video Guide HERE.

You can easily leave your equipment for sharpening, shaping or repairing.

How do you do it?
1. Fill in your information to the form which you find next to the TeräBox and leave the paper in the locker with your skates.
2. The locker operates with numeric codes. Lock the locker when you have left your skates there. Turn the lock on and press in the four (4) number code. With this code, you can open the locker if needed.
3. Send us a sms “Teräbox” to 050 575 6487.
4. When your skates are ready, we will send opening code to you by sms .

You can pay for your purchase at our online store, so you can pick up your skates from the locker. Or, if you choose to pick up from Teräpiste during the opening hours, you will be charged when picking up. You can find our online store web site HERE